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Scrubs In-A-Bucket®

IP BR1046


Scrubs In-A-Bucket® is the mobile, one-step cleaning solution.

Pre-moistened, heavy-duty towels with pumice scrubbing power, it works to loosen, dissolve, and absorb grease, dirt, and urethane. Their powerful yet safe cleaning agents work together with an absorbent, non-scratch abrasive hand cleaning towel resulting in clean hands with a pleasant citrus fragrance. Also use Scrubs® to degrease tools, toolboxes, equipment, work surfaces, painted surfaces, vinyl, plastics, and metal.

Each bucket contains 72 (10"x12") towels.

Made in the USA.


Sealstrip Glass Setting Tape • 100'

IP 75644


Sealstrip Glass Setting Tape is used to attach a bottom channel to glass or to form a bond between a metal frame and glass. Sealstrip has inherent adhesive qualities and it conforms to all irregularities, making a perfect seal. By using a razor blade to trim the edges, a neat bonding seal can be seen between the glass and the channel or frame. Since it has adhesive qualities it can be attached to itself. If you need a thicker piece just layer two or more pieces together.

Made of a black, all-rubber compound. 

1/32" Thick, 1-1/2" Wide (100' Roll)

Slick Eddie™

IP BW1052


Slick Eddie™ comes free with every Burco® windshield rack.

Burco® has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality windshield racks. They have also established a reputation for innovation.

Burco® Redi Racks™ are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a highly durable black, powder-coat finish for all-weather protection and low maintenance. Redi Rack™ carriers secure windshields in place with Burco®’s exclusive and proprietary finger-lock design to prevent damage in transit.

Made in the USA.

Soft Rubber Hammer



Sometimes a little “gentle persuasion” with a rubber hammer is the only way you can make an item fit. Most rubber hammers are actually quite hard and can easily damage a vehicle. Our hammer is made of Sorbothane®, a viscoelastic polymer, that is less likely to damage the vehicle. So soft you can take the rubber part between your thumb and forefinger and compress it.

Made in the USA.

Spray Bottle



This sprayer adjusts to dispense a fine, medium, or heavy mist. The sprayer is made of polypropylene. The bottle is made of high-density polyethylene.

Holds 8 ounces of liquid.  




Do you have a cracked, pitted, or torn windshield stand cover? The uneven surface can make it difficult to do your work or end up being a costly situation if the glass were to fall and break. A quick and easy fix is the Equalizer® Stand-Aid. No need to remove the old covers, just wrap and secure Stand-Aid with the Velcro® tab over the existing ones and you are good to go! You can also remove and reuse elsewhere in a snap. Made of a 5 mm neoprene fabric with sharkskin and a two inch wide industrial Velcro® strip with a durable stitch.


Measures 9” W x 19-1/4” L.


Includes One Stand-Aid™ only.


Invented By: Jarrett Lafferty


IP PB1349


Auto glass replacement is not a clean business. Because of urethane, butyl, pumpable foam dams, grease, and grime on vehicles and inside doors, we spend a lot of time cleaning the vehicles we work on and ourselves. There are several cleaning products sold in the auto glass industry, but most are formulated for a mechanic who must only remove grease. Equalizer went to one of the world’s most knowledgeable producers of cleaning supplies and took them samples of all the things an Auto Glass Technician must clean from vehicles, tools, and themselves. We worked with them to formulate a towel that contained cleaning agents to remove the urethanes, butyls, greases, and grime that we come into contact with daily. We also need something to remove wet urethane from fabric, vinyl, and carpets. Tech-Wipes will remove urethane and other soils from these materials, but are still gentle on your hands.

Tech-Wipes are rugged, non-marring towels. They are packaged in a flip-top container that keeps the towels moist for months. Each container comes with 72 towels that are 10" x 12", joined together and perforated so you can tear them off to make a small towel or as large a towel as you need. We gave them a mild citrus scent that is not as strong as many other citrus-based products. We did this so you could clean your hands with them and then eat lunch without the smell causing everything to taste like a grapefruit.


Made in the USA.

Telescopic Magnet

IP MT690


Have you ever been working under the hood of a car or inside a door glass and dropped a screw and could see it but you couldn't reach it? The telescopic magnet can assist in getting hard to reach items by extending up to 24". It then collapses to only 4-3/4" for easy storage. This powerful magnet can lift up to two pounds, allowing for a wide variety of other uses.

Made in the USA.

Telescoping Hood Holder



On many older vehicles, it is common to find the hood holder damaged or missing. Body shops are notorious for leaving these off until the vehicle is completely repaired. When this happens you must find a way to hold the hood up while you remove and replace the cowling. It is at this precise minute that you cannot find a broom, mop, tree limb or anything else to hold the hood up! Put one of these expanding hood holders in your toolbox and you will never have the problem of holding the hood up again. Collapses to 20" in length and will expand up to 47" long.

Made in the USA.

Universal Bottom Channel

IP MD1280


Original parts can sometimes be impossible to purchase when you are repairing a door glass. Keep these universal channels in your shop or toolbox. The channels have a small nylon screw that will temporarily hold them in position while the adhesive cures and permanently attaches them to the glass. We suggest attaching them with a quick setting urethane or epoxy like our fast cure epoxy (#21426).

Comes in a set of two.

Universal Cowl Moulding

IP UCM1600


Our Universal Cowl Moulding was designed to solve the ongoing challenge of ensuring a solid adhesive bond of the rubber strip to the cowl after windshield replacement or to simply replace the vehicle’s cowl molding when it deteriorates, tears, or breaks. Our Universal Cowl Moulding was created to fit easily over the leading edge of many cowls and is held in place by a butyl strip inside the channel. The molding helps seal the cowling lip and keep water and debris from entering and also gives a clean and finished look to the job. Comes in 100 ft. spool. Just cut off your desired length as needed. Make sure to warm the molding so that the butyl becomes tacky and will adhere to the cowling panel when fitted. You can warm the molding several ways; If it’s a warm sunny day just set it out in the sun for a bit. If it’s cooler weather, put it inside the vehicle on top of the dash and turn the defroster on or use our Hot Pocket Moulding Heater (Part Number MHP139). When the molding is nice and warm, start at one side of the vehicle, tuck in the edge of the cowl molding, lay the molding flat against the glass and start pressing firmly down towards the cowl panel so that groove of the molding encases the lip of the cowl panel. Smooth with your thumb as you go to make sure it’s flush with the vehicle and has a nice smooth appearance. When you reach the other side, tuck the end in and you are finished. 

Vacuum Filter



Ultra-Web Wet/Dry Cartridge Filter for Equalizer® 3HP 6 Gallon Vacuum (BES924).

Vacuum Filters



Three vacuum filters with snap ring for Equalizer™ 3HP 6 Gallon Vacuum (BES924).


IP SL493


Simply unfold this stepladder, hook it over the wheel of the vehicle, and step up to work on the windshield. It gives you a 12" to 20" boost depending on tire size. Rugged 1" tubular steel easily supports up to 200 pounds. The 22" wide, non-slip safety-surface gives positive traction.

Folds flat for compact storage.

Window Holders

IP WH745


Safely hold up door glass while you work on the channel or regulator in applications where there is a top door frame. Loop the cable over the door frame and attach the suction cups to each side of the glass.

Comes with two per package.

Made in the USA.