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Adjustable Spanner Wrench



Most retaining nuts can be removed with this tool. Due to its unique design, it can adjusted to fit a wide variety of retaining nuts. Its wide range of adjustments allows for  removal of some three and four-hole foreign designed retaining nuts.

Made of hardened steel, this quality tool can last a lifetime.

Made in the USA.


IP DZ623


MultiSpanner™ has five different sizes that fit 95% of all window retaining nuts (spanner nuts) in the market.

Our MultiSpanner™ is made of a sturdy steel block and has five different sizes and configurations of pins. The MultiSpanner™ is designed to use a 1/4" socket wrench and extension.


To use, find the side of the block that pins fit, put the socket on the opposite side, then turn the socket wrench to take off the nut.

Window Retaining Nut Removal Tool



This size window retaining nut is used on Ford, GM, and Chrysler cars. Removing these nuts can be almost impossible without the proper tool, but with the proper tool, it is easy. The slide-through handle allows you to work in confined spaces when you must remove a glass that is not broken. Made of steel and “gold” plated to prevent rust.

Made in the USA.

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