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Express® Blade Sharpener



Retain the chisel edge on your Express® Blades!

To get the best performance, it is important to put a good edge on the blade every time you use your auto glass cut-out knife. Since you do not always have access to a bench grinder, this sharpener will do that quick touch up that brings the blade back to a razor-sharp edge. You can sharpen the blade in about 10 seconds by dragging the sharpener across the blade 3 or 4 times. All off-the-shelf sharpeners will put a V-type edge on the blade and this type of sharpening can prevent the tool from working properly. Our Express® Blade Sharpener puts the chisel-type edge on the blade and keeps your auto glass cut-out knife operating at peak performance. It also features a built-in protector to keep you from cutting your hand on the blade.

Super Lube® Sheath Lubricant



This is a high-heat grease made for lubricating the inside of the sheath where contact with the blade sometimes can occur. This contact usually happens when a blade must curve in order to ride against the glass. This curving of the blade pushes it against the sheath and causes wear on both the blade and sheath if no lubricant is used. Using a small amount of our Super Lube® Sheath Lubricant on the inside of the sheath will extend the life of your sheath. This clear, non-toxic formula protects in temperatures ranging from -45°F to + 450°F and its effectiveness will not be reduced by cutting lubricant or water. 3 Oz.

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