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Honda & Acura Cowling Clip • 5

IP 90602


Honda & Acura Cowling Clips.

Works on 2008-Current

•    Honda Accord & Fit
•    Acura TSX and ZDX

Honda & Acura Moulding Clip • 5

IP 91570


Honda & Acura Moulding Clips.

Works on 2009-2016

•     Honda Pilot and Odyssey
•     Acura ZDX and MDX

Fein® SuperCut Cordless Tool



Fein® SuperCut Cordless


Fein® tools were introduced into the auto glass industry in the early 1980s and remain one of the most used auto glass removal tools in the world. Fein® has worked to refine their original design and today the Fein® SuperCut has a streamlined design, high power motor, and variable speed control. The tool is of the highest quality and uses ball and needle bearings together with a gearbox designed for continuous use and heavy loads.

Each AFSC17 kit includes 1-Fein® SuperCut Cordless, one blade tool, two rechargeable batteries, and a DVD users guide. Everything comes neatly packaged in a plastic carrying case.

BlackHawk™ 20-Volt Tool

IP BH2019


BlackHawk™ has a heavy-duty, 20-Amp brushless motor to provide ample power for quickly removing the most difficult glass. It’s compact and lightweight design allows for maneuvering tight areas and features a bright LED light to provide visibility in dark work areas.

Dash / Vent Covers

IP DC570


Designed to provide coverage for the contour of the dash to avoid damage while working inside the vehicle and prevent objects from falling into the vents. These dash/vent protectors are made from a lightweight and flexible material and can be adjusted to fit from 34” up to 68”.

12 Volt UV LED Lamp



Equalizer® 12 volt UV LED Lamp

Glass Removal Start-Up Kit



Includes the Viper™ Wire Removal System
With the trend in automobiles moving to exposed edge glass and having small, hard to maneuver quarter glasses and sliders, we felt we needed a starter kit that included a wire removal tool to safely get in these areas and remove the glass without damaging the vehicle. That’s how we came up with our new Glass Removal Start-Up Kit. It comes with everything a new technician will need to remove auto glass and prep the area for replacement. This includes the Viper™ Wire Removal System as well as many other industry-specific tools. This kit is intended to build on a basic set of tools that most people into the auto glass in already have and make it into a set of tools for an Auto Glass Technician.


Kit Contents-

1 • VIP1138 • Equalizer® Viper™ Wire Removal Kit
1 • SKE291 • PrepMaster Kit
1 • NPD221 • BLOWHARD™
1 • FSG130 • Clear Safety Glasses
1 • GBM446 • PryBaby™ Tool Set
1 • HTS923 • Hook & Pick Set
2 • IS742 • Standard Windshield Stick
2 • ISC741 • Windshield Stick Chisel End
1 • MB743 • Mirror Bracket Wrench (Torx®)
1 • MBR600 • Equalizer® Mirror Torx® Wrench
1 • MR747 • Moulding Release Tool
1 • RT753 • Hook Tool
1 • TPE657 • Cowling Clip Removal Tool
1 • VTP586 • Paint Protector
1 • BNQ271 • Cold Knife
1 • ALK230 • Adjustable Length Cutting Knife
1 • HRT367 • Hose Removal Pliers
1 • JFT323 • Equalizer® LongHorn Seat Release
1 • WP534E • Wiper Puller
1 • VZB10 • Z Blades Variety Pack (9)
1 • 98027 • Metric Folding Hex Wrenches
1 • 98057 • Torx® Folding Wrenches
1 • RB497 • Razor Blades (sleeve of 100)
1 • RMI309 • Rearview Mirror Installer
1 • TCR370 • Toyota/Honda Clip Remover
1 • UKB498 • Utility Knife Blades (Pkg of 100)
1 • DUR748 • Door Upholstery Remover





PUSH KNIFE™ is a machined aluminum hand tool designed to remove quarter glasses utilizing Equalizer® Express® Blades. PUSH KNIFE features a rectangular plate for striking with a rubber mallet, enabling power from the mallet to be transferred to the blade and through the urethane.
Equalizer® Express® blades can be easily changed out by unscrewing the hinged plate that locks the blade in place.

Includes all three sizes. 

Terminator® Repair Bridge



Exculsive bridge unit for Terminator® repair system.

Terminator® Repair Light



Repair light for Terminator® glass repair kit.

ZipKnife™ Long Knife Set



ZipKnife™ Long Knives are made with an extremely thin utility knife bracket and a quick blade replacement design. The knives have no screws, levers or devices lessening the chance for damaging a vehicle. Uses all standard utility knife blades.

Classic Tool Kit

IP CK1965


1 • LGM207 • Locking Strip Tool
1 • RTL895 • Long Rubber Hook Tool
1 • RT753 • Short Rubber Hook Tool
1 • MR747 • Moulding Release Tool
1 • BDA251 • Footloose™ Gasket Tool
1 • RGL34 • Self-Locking Rubber Gasket Tool 1 • RGC751 • Rubber Gasket Cleaner
1 • RT752 • Rope Insert Tool
1 • LS758 • Swivel Tip Locking Strip Tool
1 • DZ623 • MultiSpanner™

BMW Door Wrench

IP DW400


This specialty tool allows you to remove, replace and adjust frameless door glass on vehicles. Designed to work on BMW coupes and convertibles, mini coopers and most vehicles with frameless door glass. For use with: 6 Series Convertible/Coupe, 2 Series Convertible/Coupe, 4 Series Convertible/Coupe, 3 Series Gran Turismo, 4 Series Gran Coupe, M4 Convertible/Coupe, i3

Equalizer® Flip-Top Magnetic Screwdriver 11"



Comes with six bits: #1, #2, #3 Phillips and #3, #5, #8 slotted, stored in the flip-cap handle.

Glass Removal Kit



Kit Contents

1 • WK6SET BTB Winged Scraper Set •  HDK629 - Windshield Stand
•2 - IS742 Installation Sticks • 2 - ISC741 Chisel Point Installation Stick  • ULF481 - UltraSonic Leak Detector • VNT306 - Top Notch Tool • CS1075 - Nozzle Cutter • PKS102 - PushKnife Set (3 Sizes) • EHB145 - 1-1/2" x 10" HydroBlade • EHL187 - 3" x 12" HydroBlade • VZB10 - Z Blade Variety Pack • MCC153 - Milwaukee 18 Volt Combo Kit • MT228 - All-In-One Mirror Tool • RMI309 - Rearview Mirror Installer  • ZKS37 - ZipKnife Set • JVT193 - Pair of Visual Vacuum Cups