Windshield Repair Tools

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12 Volt UV LED Lamp



Equalizer® 12 volt UV LED Lamp

Terminator® Repair Bridge



Exculsive bridge unit for Terminator® repair system.

Terminator® Repair Light



Repair light for Terminator® glass repair kit.

Rock Star® Riff™

IP RSR2020


Rock Star® RiffTM assists in performing quality repairs by opening tight breaks, allowing the resin to thoroughly fill the legs of the break. RiffTM attaches to the inside of the glass near the break to expand the crack. The expander knob allows you to adjust the pressure as needed.


UV Blub

IP UF574


Replacement UV bulb for the RockStar® VUV1447 UV curing lamp.

Equalizer® Rock Star® UV Curing Light

IP VUV1447


It has a curing light on the side and a small flashlight in the end.

Equalizer® Rock Star® UV Shield

IP VUS1501


Square shield to protect the repair area from UV rays. Measures 15-1/2" with suction cups on each corner and an opening for the bridge and injector assembly.

Equalizer® Rock Star® LED Flashlight

IP VFL1463


This LED flashlight produces a powerful, daylight balanced light which allows you to see what may be overlooked with conventional flashlights. After using this flashlight, the light from any other flashlight will look yellow and dim.

Windshield Chip Moisture Evaporator



In order to ensure a proper windshield repair, a break or crack must be free of moisture for the resin to permeate the entire area and to properly cure. No matter whether you are dealing with rain, snow or just humidity in the air this can be difficult without some assistance. The Windshield Chip Moisture Evaporator will make a windshield repair easier and more effective with just a few extra seconds of work. Just plug into a 12-Volt power source and the heating element will turn to a low orange glow. Hold the tool over the break/crack for 15-20 seconds, then let the area cool down and proceed with your repair (depending on the size and type of break/crack, you may have to apply heat a little longer). Not only will this tool work for removing moisture from a break/crack, it also works well when you need to warm the glass surrounding the break/crack prior to a repair.  Works on bullseyes, combinations, daisies, stars, and eagle breaks and small and long cracks.

Carbide Drill Bits



Carbide drill bits for use glass in the Rechargeable Glass Drill (RGD490).

Includes 10 bits. 

Equalizer® Glass Drill



This 12-Volt variable speed glass drill plugs into any automotive power point. It has a top speed of 13,000 RPM. The cord measures 67", just a little over 5 1/2 ft.

Equalizer® Rock Star® Probe

IP VPS1460


Hardened stainless steel probe with interchangeable tips for cleaning broken glass out of a bulls-eye break.

Razor Blades • 100

IP RB497


The most commonly used item in an auto glass shop is the razor blade. We use them to remove everything from stickers to excess urethane. Equalizer® razor blades are tough, strong, industrial razor blades packaged in boxes of 100. Each blade is securely wrapped in a thin brown piece of cardboard to protect the edge. A sturdy metal back gives the blade strength.

Package of 100.

Equalizer® Rock Star® Pit Tape Roll

IP VPT1489


Pit Roll Tape for Rock Star® Windshield Repair System

Mylar Squares

IP VS1474


These are used to hold the pit filler resin in place and keep it flat while it cures.

Package of 100 squares.