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Rubber Strip for 9-Slot Rack

IP I-9001


Rubber Strip for 9-Slot Rack

Rubber Strip for 5-Slot Rack

IP I-9002


Rubber Strip for 5-Slot Rack

Honda & Acura Cowling Clip • 10

IP 90602


Honda & Acura Cowling Clips.

Works on 2008-Current

•    Honda Accord & Fit
•    Acura TSX and ZDX

Fractional 25' Measuring Tape

IP CH1064


Finally, somebody made a measuring tape that is easy to read! How many times have you counted the little marks to see if it was 3/8" or 7/16"?

The fractional measuring tape has every 1/8" marked so if it is between 3/8" and 1/2" it is 7/16". It has a locking hold function, is constructed with a polymer-coated blade for a long life, and has a durable, textured case for a non-slip grip.

Heavy-Duty Three Drawer Tool Box

IP HP2331


The external shell of this toolbox is made of heavy-duty molded high-impact polypropylene colored resin. It has a large storage area on top and three durable steel drawers with full-extension slides that lock when lid the lid is closed. One great feature that most toolboxes do not have is the “front foot” design that stabilizes the box when the drawers are opened. It has a large, comfortable center handle and molded-in depressions in cover for holding small parts.  Features locks for total security.

•This item is oversized and will have extra shipping charges

Soft Rubber Hammer



Sometimes a little “gentle persuasion” with a rubber hammer is the only way you can make an item fit. Most rubber hammers are actually quite hard and can easily damage a vehicle. Our hammer is made of Sorbothane®, a viscoelastic polymer, that is less likely to damage the vehicle. So soft you can take the rubber part between your thumb and forefinger and compress it.

Made in the USA.

Can Organizer

IP CO1396


Cans are the hardest thing to organize. They roll around, make noise, will not stay in one place, and are generally annoying to deal with.

Mount this unit on the wall of your vehicle and problem solved.

Has five slots and is made of heavy-duty plastic.


IP SL493


Simply unfold this stepladder, hook it over the wheel of the vehicle, and step up to work on the windshield. It gives you a 12" to 20" boost depending on tire size. Rugged 1" tubular steel easily supports up to 200 pounds. The 22" wide, non-slip safety-surface gives positive traction.

Folds flat for compact storage.

Lock Out Kit

IP MK201


This kit has been redesigned and improved since first introduced in 1975 and is in use in hundreds of shops throughout the country. Lock Out Kit can open most of the vehicles in the market and includes a 50-page how-to manual that is full of tips and tricks for lockout situations. Lock Out Kit includes slide lock button tool, dual release tool, narrow release bar, wide release bar, Japanese tool, wonder tool, knob grabber, gas cap key, nylon wedge, and a 50-page instruction manual.

Made in the USA.

Bulb & Shaft Assembly for FL203



Bulb and flexible shaft assembly for the retired version of FlexLight (FL203).


IP FL203


FlexLight has a 9" flexible shaft that stays bent in any position so you can shine light where it is needed. The FlexLight can be used to find lost screws under seats or hoods. The bendable shaft lets you light up anywhere inside the door. Use a nylon wedge to pry the door out slightly, then shine the light inside to see the mechanism you want to work on.  It may be one of the handiest tools you own. 

Operates on one AA batteries. 

Made in the USA.

Telescoping Hood Holder



On many older vehicles, it is common to find the hood holder damaged or missing. Body shops are notorious for leaving these off until the vehicle is completely repaired. When this happens you must find a way to hold the hood up while you remove and replace the cowling. It is at this precise minute that you cannot find a broom, mop, tree limb or anything else to hold the hood up! Put one of these expanding hood holders in your toolbox and you will never have the problem of holding the hood up again. Collapses to 20" in length and will expand up to 47" long.

Made in the USA.

Gas Lifter Lock

IP PJ1257


Over a period of time, the gas lifters that hold up the hood or rear hatch on a vehicle can fail. This small, easy-to-use device solves this problem. Open the hood or rear hatch, attach the device to the metal rod on the gas cylinder, and secure. It will stay in place until you are finished with the job.

Spray Bottle



This sprayer adjusts to dispense a fine, medium, or heavy mist. The sprayer is made of polypropylene. The bottle is made of high-density polyethylene.

Holds 8 ounces of liquid.  

Lint-Free Wipes

IP DL1093


Years ago we gave very little thought to contamination of the glass or pinchweld. We have learned a lot since then, and today we go to great lengths to prevent a glass from leaking and to make sure it bonds properly. Lint seems like a small problem, but some towels leave a large amount on the glass. Every place there is lint is a place that the glass does not bond. There can be thousands of pieces of lint in an area only an inch or so in diameter, but you only see the larger pieces. Our Lint-Free Wipes get rid of all the lint and give you a totally clean surface so your urethane will bond completely. Size 13" x 13".


Made in the USA.