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Window Things

IP RW1393


Install door glasses the easy way with Window Things. Now you can virtually retire your rivet gun and eliminate the possibility of breaking glass during installation. Window Things fit most Ford, Chrysler, and GM products with no need for snap-through, screw-type retainers. Simply snap through holes in the glass, line up channel, and insert the screw.

Made of Zytel nylon.

Package of 50.

Window Holders

IP WH745


Safely hold up door glass while you work on the channel or regulator in applications where there is a top door frame. Loop the cable over the door frame and attach the suction cups to each side of the glass.

Comes with two per package.

Made in the USA.

Universal Bottom Channel

IP MD1280


Original parts can sometimes be impossible to purchase when you are repairing a door glass. Keep these universal channels in your shop or toolbox. The channels have a small nylon screw that will temporarily hold them in position while the adhesive cures and permanently attaches them to the glass. We suggest attaching them with a quick setting urethane or epoxy like our fast cure epoxy (#21426).

Comes in a set of two.

1X1 Vacuum Cleaner



Portable compact wet/dry cleaning power with built-in carrying handle.

Space is limited in our mobile vehicles, and while a vacuum cleaner is a necessity, we do not need one that is too large or bulky. Our vacuum cleaner is small and lightweight, yet very powerful. We call it "1 x 1" because it has one-horsepower and one-gallon capacity. It comes with an 18' long power cord, 4" flexible hose, crevice tool, foam sleeve, reusable dry filter, and an 18' long power cord. It also includes a wall bracket and tool holder to secure them in place.

Made in the USA.

Vacuum Filters



Three vacuum filters with snap ring for Equalizer™ 3HP 6 Gallon Vacuum (BES924).

3HP 6 Gallon Vacuum



Most six-gallon vacuum cleaner are only one or two horsepower but with our 6-Gallon Vacuum Cleaner is equipt with a powerful, 3-horsepower motor, and is still compact enough to not take up too much space in your vehicle.

Made with a low profile so it will not turn over easily, it measures a mere 16" wide and 17" tall. It also converts easily to a blower and comes with an 8' x 1-1/4" hose, two extension wands, a 10" squeegee, and a crevice tool. Also included is a filter that can be easily removed and cleaned. Can be use to vacuum wet or dry areas.

Made in the USA.

Vacuum Filter



Ultra-Web Wet/Dry Cartridge Filter for Equalizer® 3HP 6 Gallon Vacuum (BES924).

Mechanical Pick-Up



Many technicians have a small telescoping magnet in their toolbox, which is a wonderful tool to have when picking up small metal items. However, occasionally you will need to pick up an item that is non-ferrous. Small plastic pieces and many of the metals used in cars today are non-ferrous, and a magnet does not attract them. Also, while using a telescoping magnet to reach an item that has been dropped, you often pick up everything else along with it. It is times like these when you need our Mechanical Pick-Up.

It is designed with steel fingers that are spring-loaded that will grip an item up to 1” in diameter. The closed diameter of the “jaws” is less than 3/8”. The Mechanical Pick-Up is 23-1/2” long and will reach into the deepest recess to retrieve an item.


Telescopic Magnet

IP MT690


Have you ever been working under the hood of a car or inside a door glass and dropped a screw and could see it but you couldn't reach it? The telescopic magnet can assist in getting hard to reach items by extending up to 24". It then collapses to only 4-3/4" for easy storage. This powerful magnet can lift up to two pounds, allowing for a wide variety of other uses.

Made in the USA.


IP SU1423


Wall Mounting Bracketere is a nice answer to an annoying problem: when you pull Scrubs® out of the bucket, the bucket comes with you. Okay, if you have two hands you can hold the bucket, but usually, you are trying to clean something you are holding in your other hand. With this bracket, you can mount the bucket on the wall, on your toolbox, or in the back of your mobile truck. Anywhere you mount it, the ScrubRack will hold your bucket of Scrubs® tightly in place. If you want to take it with you, just pull out on the bottom of the bucket and it will quickly and easily snap out of the bracket.


IP PB1349


Auto glass replacement is not a clean business. Because of urethane, butyl, pumpable foam dams, grease, and grime on vehicles and inside doors, we spend a lot of time cleaning the vehicles we work on and ourselves. There are several cleaning products sold in the auto glass industry, but most are formulated for a mechanic who must only remove grease. Equalizer went to one of the world’s most knowledgeable producers of cleaning supplies and took them samples of all the things an Auto Glass Technician must clean from vehicles, tools, and themselves. We worked with them to formulate a towel that contained cleaning agents to remove the urethanes, butyls, greases, and grime that we come into contact with daily. We also need something to remove wet urethane from fabric, vinyl, and carpets. Tech-Wipes will remove urethane and other soils from these materials, but are still gentle on your hands.

Tech-Wipes are rugged, non-marring towels. They are packaged in a flip-top container that keeps the towels moist for months. Each container comes with 72 towels that are 10" x 12", joined together and perforated so you can tear them off to make a small towel or as large a towel as you need. We gave them a mild citrus scent that is not as strong as many other citrus-based products. We did this so you could clean your hands with them and then eat lunch without the smell causing everything to taste like a grapefruit.


Made in the USA.

Scrubs In-A-Bucket®

IP BR1046


Scrubs In-A-Bucket® is the mobile, one-step cleaning solution.

Pre-moistened, heavy-duty towels with pumice scrubbing power, it works to loosen, dissolve, and absorb grease, dirt, and urethane. Their powerful yet safe cleaning agents work together with an absorbent, non-scratch abrasive hand cleaning towel resulting in clean hands with a pleasant citrus fragrance. Also use Scrubs® to degrease tools, toolboxes, equipment, work surfaces, painted surfaces, vinyl, plastics, and metal.

Each bucket contains 72 (10"x12") towels.

Made in the USA.


Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum • 2-Gallon

IP 088020


This Milwaukee cordless wet/dry vacuum offers a long continuous run time with high air power and suction to provide quick and easy removal of dust, debris, and water.  A washable, reusable wet/dry HEPA filter delivers excellent fine dust collection and does not need to be changed between wet and dry applications. The stackable toolbox design, on-board hose, and accessory storage offer excellent portability and convenience. A built-in blower port allows the vacuum to double as a blower and the 1-¼" hose allows standard vacuum attachments to be fastened. This set includes a vacuum, filter, hose, crevice tool, and a wide nozzle. This unit uses all Milwaukee 18-Volt slide-on batteries, LI-ION or NiCd.

Does not include battery or charger

Milwaukee 2-Gallon Vacuum Filter

IP 49901900


The Milwaukee replacement wet/dry filter is designed to work with Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2-Gallon Vacuum, Part# 088020.

  • High-efficiency washable HEPA filter.
  • Great for fine dust suction.
  • Works in both wet and dry application.

Heavy-Duty Windshield Stand



This windshield stand features medium-density foam that supports glass by providing grip and cushing so it does not move. It is 28" wide and adjust in height from 30" to 39" depending on your needs. This stand can support up to 200 lbs.

The stand assembles quickly with just 6 bolts to install and is made of 1" tubing.

*This item is oversized and will have extra shipping