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Speed Stops™

IP TJ1432


Helps one person set a windshield.

Many vehicles do not come with stops and it can be almost impossible to set a windshield without something to hold the lower part of the windshield in place. Our Speed Stops™ can help you in several ways. They can be used as a permanent stop and will not squeak because they are made of nylon. Nylon is slippery, so when you use the stops to support the windshield you can “slide” it across the stops and lay it in place. Speed Stops™ are 1/2" long, but the nylon spacers can be quickly removed and shortened so Speed Stops™ will fit any vehicle. You can install the Speed Stops™ and as soon as the urethane is set up sufficiently to hold the windshield in place. You can remove them and use them again (be sure to seal the small holes). Speed Stops™ are self-tapping so there is no need to drill a hole. It is important that you look inside the vehicle to be sure the screw will not hit anything important on the inside. Each stop has a urethane seal that will prevent water leaking into the vehicle.


IP RL1382


When you set the windshield, the HoodStop will stop the windshield in the correct place. Close the hood, dry-set the windshield, set the stop on the windshield in the proper position and engage the vacuum.

Jeep Spacer Clips • 6

IP JSC1098


For use on Jeep Wranglers (2007-present) with exposed edge glass. The clip is used to get the proper gap alignment between the glass and the body and is not meant to be a permanent fixture on the vehicle. After setting of the windshield is complete, use a molding tape to secure the glass while the urethane cures, then remove clips. To remove, simply turn the clip 90° either direction and pull out.

Universal Windshield Stop

IP LK1261


We do not recommend permanently installing stops on vehicles that do not have stops installed from the factory. Sometimes regular stops are destroyed in the removal process and you need a replacement stop. When this happens, our Universal Windshield Stops can be a lifesaver. Made of a plastic that is easy to cut and shape to fit your needs, but long enough to work with when the mounting area must be far below the windshield.

Box of 10.

Rubber Setting Blocks • 50

IP KB1228


Those of you who have been around the industry for a number of years remember the rubber setting blocks that came with every box of butyl tape. Like you, we threw away thousands of them and years later found ourselves wishing we had those setting blocks. Now they are available from Equalizer.

These setting block sizes are 3/8" x 3/8" x 1" and are made of hard rubber.

Package of 50

GM B-Bodies Rear Window Stop

IP 5304001


These are notorious for breaking easily and when they are broken it can be very difficult to find something that will work. There is no pinchweld ledge on which to lay any other type of clip so if the clip is broken it an be very difficult to keep the glass in place while the urethane cures. That is why it is a good idea to keep a package of these in your mobile vehicle all the time.

Fits all GM B-Bodies Rear Windows and is NAGS® number 20173225.

Chrysler Minivan Stops

IP 5404001


These are notorious for breaking easily and when they are broken it can be very difficult to find something that will work. And it can be very difficult to fabricate a clip that will work. That is why it is a good idea to keep a package of these in your mobile vehicle all the time. 

1984-2000 Chrysler Minivan
1981-1989 Dodge Aries
1981 - 1989 Plymouth - Reliant
1982-1995 Chrsyler Le Baron Coupe & Convertible

NAGS® 3767196

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