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Zap-A-Gap Super Fast Setting Plastic Glue

IP AA1003


These days there seem to be more plastic parts on a vehicle than there are metal parts. It is inevitable that when removing parts to replace a glass, you will break some of these pieces of plastic. Often the broken part will need to be replaced, but you can make a temporary repair by gluing it back together. Simply put a small drop of Zap-A-Gap™ on the plastic parts and press them back together. In a few seconds, the glue is dry and the pieces are bonded.

Made in the USA.

The bottle contains 0.5 fluid ounces.

Zip Kicker™

IP AB1005


Zip Kicker™ Accelerates glue drying and help fill holes.

Sometimes just gluing the part is not enough. You need to build up an excess amount of glue on the surface to give the bond more strength. While Zap-A-Gap™ dries quickly in small amounts, it takes a long time for large amounts to dry. This is when you need Zip Kicker™, an accelerating, sprayable liquid that causes the glue to dry immediately. It is also useful when small amounts of the plastic have disappeared. The Zap-A-Gap™ can be used to fill the opening and then dried immediately with Zip Kicker™ to form an instant patch. The bottle contains 2 fluid ounces.

Made in the USA.

Black Moulding Adhesive



An easy way to save money on OEM mouldings is to create your own using a universal moulding. When making mouldings that are mitered together or that meet at the bottom of the glass, you'll need an adhesive that permanently holds the moulding together.

Our Moulding Adhesive is super-strong and weather-resistant. It only takes a small drop to glue the moulding ends together, so each bottle has enough adhesive for hundreds of mouldings.

MouldingMaker™ Adhesive



If you are making moldings that are mitered together at the corners, or moldings that go all the way around a glass and join together at the bottom, then you need an adhesive that will permanently hold the molding together. Equalizer® MouldingMaker™ adhesive is a permanent, colorless adhesive that is specially formulated to join moldings.

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