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SuperScraper™ Kit

IP SK345


SuperScraper has a lightweight aluminum shaft with a quick-change collet that lets you exchange blades in seconds.

It measures 10" long and blade storage in the handle for extra 1/2" blades.

Kit includes one of each; SuperScraper, SC301 (five 1/2" blades), NT467 ( ten of 5/8" blades), and MZT468 (ten of 3/4" blades). 

Prepmaster™ Kit



This compact pinchweld scraper tool that has the ability to change a blade in seconds.  

Kit Includes one of each; PrepMaster, SC301 (five 1/2" blades), NY1246 (five  5/8" blades), NZ1347 (five 3/4" blades),  five 5/8" angled blades, SPE242 Utility Knife, five utility knife blades. 

BTB "Winged" Anti-Scratch Pinchweld Preparation



These blades are sharpened on the outside of the curve and help to avoid damage to paint when removing excess urethane after a windshield removal or removing urethane with shattered tempered glass fragments. 

Set Includes 3-"Winged" blades (1/2", 3/4" and 1"), one 1-9/16" wide prep blade, 1-WK7 handle, 1-hex key, and carry case.  

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