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Wire Grabber Pliers & Cutter



Used to pull cord or wire through urethane after insertion with the wirestarter. It has a ribbed nose that measures 1-1/2" long.

Wire Guide



The wire guide’s long, narrow shaft protects the dash and interior moldings from being damaged. It can also be used on the outside where the urethane is far below the dash but above the bottom edge.

To use, run the wire through the hole at the end of the tool. Then, with the wire on the round side of the tool, attach the end of the wire in the hole midway up the tool, locking it in place with the set screw. Move the tool on the inside of the vehicle, a few inches at a time, while the person on the outside follows doing the cutting. The smooth metal will move under the moldings and along the dash and prevent damage.




Equalizer® Venom™ is a cord and wire dispensing device used in conjunction with Raptor™,  Viper™, Python™, and Cobra™ removal systems.

Includes one roll of STL166 wire.

Mini Anchor Cup

IP MAC1125


The mini anchor secures the end of the cord and wire allowing completion of the finishing cut. Measures 2-1/8” in diameter (the anchor tab adding an extra 1/2” to that) and 1-1/2” H when the suction cup is engaged. 

Invented by: Jason Horne

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