Our Mission

Our Mission


Equalizer® has invented, developed or brought to market the majority of new products that have been introduced into the auto glass industry since 1987. Our goal from the beginning was to be the leading source of auto glass removal and replacement products in the world. Our products are on the cutting edge of auto glass removal and replacement technology, so our staff travels extensively throughout the world, promoting Equalizer® brand tools and products. Each year they teach and participate in many training seminars and trade shows. Many of our staff are regular speakers at dozens of regional, national and international association meetings and trade shows

To help with that goal, Equalizer® actively searches for other peoples' inventions, helps them perfect their ideas and brings those ideas to market in the form of new products. People with great ideas are often surprised to find that most of the major carriers/suppliers of auto glass products have no method in place to help an inventor with the development of an idea into a marketable product. Often when inventors approach major suppliers, they are advised to spend their own money and time to develop the idea, then if the supplier likes the idea, they will consider selling it for you.

The Equalizer® Inventor Program has over 20 years of a proven and successful method to achieve these goals. Equalizer's unique approach assists you in the development and testing of your idea. If the idea is then considered a sellable product, Equalizer® will offer to manufacture it and pay a licensing fee for the rights to manufacture it. We can then sell it for you through our Authorized Distributor network. This concept works well for inventors since most have no marketing or distribution experience. Since 1987, we have successfully sold over 250 different products through our Equalizer® Inventor Program that were created by technicians from all around the world.

Equalizer® currently provides over 1200 auto glass removal, replacement and repair products worldwide from its facility in Round Rock, Texas in the USA. If you are interested in becoming an authorized Equalizer® distributor please contact us.