Equalizer Cares



For American Heart Month, Equalizer® is raising support and awareness for TheHeartFoundation.org. You automatically join the cause with the purchase of select tools customized with our #equalizercares logo.


Let's GO RED together! Below is a list of our customized products:



Equalizer® Viper Kit  -  VIP1138

Push Knife 12"  -  PUSH12

Push Knife 24"  -  PUSH24

Push Knife 36"  -  PUSH36

Raptor™ Tool  - F22

Raptor™ Deluxe Kit  - F22KIT

SafeLift™ Auto Glass Setting Device  - SL1000

ZipKnife™ Long Knife 20”  - ZKLK36

ZipKnife™ Cold Knife  - ZK35

Equalizer® Visual Vacuum Plunger Cup (2)  - JVT193

Equalizer® Visual Vacuum Plunger Cup  - JVC192

Rain Sensor Level  - RSL330

SideKick™ Standard Glass Setting Kit  - JSS756

Two Super Size Vacuum Cups  - SSC209