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1/4" Channel Clng Bit S&D

This item may have cosmetic damage.
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1/4" Channel Cleaning Bits- New. Tarnished and few rust spots will not affect efficiency of this product.

Replacing most door glasses is straightforward and not extremely difficult, but door glasses that have the bottom channel put on with an adhesive can be difficult. Sometimes, you can spend more time cleaning the glass out of the channel than you spend doing all the rest of the job. We see people heat the channel so the adhesive will release from it, and usually smoke is going everywhere. We do not know if this is dangerous, but we have often wondered what is in the gases given off by the heated adhesive. We have solved the problem of removing the glass and adhesive. Put one of these in your drill and cut the glass and adhesive out of a door glass channel in seconds, no heat. Each bit has six, hardened, steel flutes that cut the adhesive and broken glass out of the channel. They come in two sizes: 1/4" for thicker glass channels and 1/8" for the narrower channels.
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